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How To Get More Writing Ideas

For most writers the hardest part of any writing project is getting started. I often begin by staring at the keyboard as if it is some vile substance that has been spilled on my desk. Then, no matter how alert I was when I arrived as the computer, I become almost terminally drowsy. My eyes droop. My shoulders sag. Finally, I begin to think, "Well, maybe I should take a little nap first, then I'll be well rested for writing." Usually my puritan conscience cancels that plan. So I take on the expression of a man who has just been strapped into a dentist's chair and begin to write ;) As soon as I have word on paper, agony departs. I love writing.

I tell you this so that you won't feel alone. You probably go through similar hell before you write. Almost everybody does. The way to eliminate most of these traumas is to write in large blocks of time rather than try to write for ten minutes here and ten minutes there. Look at your schedule. When will you be left undisturbed for an hour or two? Can you lock the door? Ignoring your smart phone? You will get more writing done in an undisturbed hour than you would in a dozen ten-minute spurts.

It is also important to find a quiet place to write. Few people can write their best when the environment is busy and the kids are clamoring for whatever it is that makes kids clamor. A den in a noisy house would probably produce less writing than the back seat of a car in quiet parking lot. So find someplace quiet. Is there a day when everybody else is out of the house? Does your company have an empty space in the office?

If you can't find a quiet place to write, use earplugs instead.

Well, that's all for now. See you very soon for the next tips to improve your writing skills and develop your style.

" I'm not totally useless, I can be used as a bad example."

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