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What's Wrong With Me? Blank Space.

Another tips : How to write better. Empty room in my brain. Ideas? Facts? Stories? Informations?

Do your fingers sometimes freeze over the computer keyboard? Does the screen seems to stare back at you with an accusing eye? The problem could be that you haven't gathered enough information. You haven't gotten the facts. Almost everything you will ever write must be built on a foundation of factual information. That includes opinion pieces and most certainly includes stories and plays.

Before you write, track down the bits of information you are going to need. Get the prices you must quote, the name of people you will mention. Find out when it's going to happen, where it will be, who's going to be speaking, and whether or not pets are allowed ;P You cannot write securely on any subject unless you have gathered far information than you will use.

How to get facts?

1. Look it up! If the facts are not in the books on your shelf, try another options such as a public library or a book store. Through the library system, you have access to just about every piece of information in the world.

2. Why don't you ask somebody who has the information you need? Ask yourself, "Who would know?" Then go directly to the most logical and best-informed people. And if anybody begins an answer with "Well, gee, Leman, I think maybe that now that you ask, let me see..." simply just ask somebody else. :(

3. Observe for the facts. Sometimes the best way to acquire facts is to conduct an experiment. Do you need to know how many miles from the centre of town to the nearest beach? Drive from downtown to the beach and check your mileage.

The best way to record the result is to write in your head first. Keep memorizing the objects, landmarks, traffic situation, colours of buildings along your journey, etc.

If you have spent time writing in your head, you'll have a head start and the writing will come easier...

" How come wrong numbers are never busy? "


Mario said...

errr....ok ok....blank terus aku...sekaliii... dia cakap engrishhh daaa,,,,

yusenze said...

Xde mood nak tulis melayu la rio brother.. sesekala merapu.. hahha..